Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Cleansing Your Face

 Wednesday Beauty Buys

RMK Cleansing Balm and Botanics Rosewater Toning Spritz

I am a creature of habit.

As I have got older I have learnt to embrace this part of my character rather than fight against it.

I am not big on changing my routine for cleansing my face . For years I have used Dermalogicas precleanse and then their cleanser. It took me a long time to discover a hot cloth cleanser that convinced me it was doing a better job for my skin.  

Liz Earle did capture my heart, but....

This cleanser......

Oh so soft and delicate . 

This rose balm melts make up away easily and quickly. It does not irritate skin and does not have any nasties in it.

It has a traditional cold cream feel to it that I adore.

Cleansing balms are certainly having a comeback and RMK have some gorgeous products I think are really worth checking out.

This is a solid balm that you take a grape sized amount of that emulsifies  as you massage into your face and neck. You then take a hot cloth and hold it to the skin to remove. Repeat this twice. Then to finish apply a cold compress and pat dry.

It retails at £29. I am using the product I got in my Birchbox this month and must admit am tempted to continue when my Liz Earle cleanser runs out. 

The second product is another surprise for me that I got on a 3 for 2 offer at Boots when I was stocking up on some presents for birthdays. I have a birthday drawer at home. Whenever Boots have a 3 for 2 offer on I will use it to replace some of my products and get a few items for female gifts and store them.
I had been looking out for a cheaper toner for a while and wanted to try a simple rosewater . Everywhere seemed to be out and as I was short of time this caught my eye.

It is an organic product, again completely natural. I do try to go down this route when I can. It is quick and simple to apply . You spritz onto your face and wipe off with some cotton wool. I will admit it feels so good on my skin I don't always wipe it off. My skin does not feel tight at all after this and it definitely has moisturising properties as well.

An utterly gorgeous product and only £4.99 from Boots. This would be a great product to have a sample size of in your handbag for hot summer days on the beach. 

Yeah right , now I'm dreaming!

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  1. I suppose I am lucky with my skins.
    I use Dove Sopa Bar to wash my face and Tesco moisturiser.
    That's my skincare routine!

    1. You are!! My skin would go firey red in a moment :( I am trying to bring the cost down , but keep the way my skin reacts under control. Hubby uses Dove soap too . X

  2. I use the botanics, I quite like them. My skin reacts to a lot of other things, so this brand has always been good for my skin. I used to use other stuff and it was just a mess, my skin would swell up or go red, just reacted bad to everything. But the natural products are good. I also seem to be able to use the Soap & Glory brand stuff as well, and they smell amazing!! x

  3. I love the botanics rosewater spritz its one of my fave products too and a really good price x

  4. The balm cleanser sounds amazing Claire - one for me to bear in mind for the future - as does the Botanics spritz - what a great price too - my mum loves rosewater products - may have to treat her! I think you must indeed be dreaming though - what actually is that thing called a 'hot summers day'? xx

  5. The Toner sounds really good. I have given up the Eve Lom and Liz Earle cleanser obsession for the moment and am still using Dermalogica x

  6. I'm using Liz Earle at the mo though I'm surprised how many nasties are in it! Am I being fooled by their lovely shop and their packaging? Super drug do something similar and I'm not convinced that it isn't the same product without the fancy packaging! What do you think?

    1. I did review the Superdrug one , but I found it far too heavy and greasy > It has a lot of Vit E in which is too much for my skin and I think a cheap filler in products. Having said that if you don't have sensitive skin it is a good alternative product. It doesn't remove make up as well. There are a lot of hot cloth cleansers on the market now to choose from - all a little different and all in different price ranges to suit different budgets - for me at the moment the Liz Earle one suits my skin, but I still prefer Dermalogica overall as a range- been a fan for years ! This RMK is going to be re purchased for sure - I'm loving this now!! I'm so fickle....

  7. Hi. It's really interesting how different products react on different skins.... I use such a mixture, not sticking to one brand for everything, that seems to work for me! p.s. just joined your would be great if you could have a look at mine too if you get a mo? Thanks xx