Sunday, 3 March 2013

Zatchel Satchel

A purple present.

When we agreed it was time for me to return to work my Hubby spotted a sale on Brandalley of Zatchels Satchels. As a little incentive this beauty arrived to keep my ipad, notepad and purse together.

I love the colours purple and yellow together and my old Boden daisy bag will be perfect for lugging equipment and files around when needed.

 I also have my eye on this gorgeous Zara shopper in a lovely yellow for £19.99.


Returning to work is proving to have more benfits than I thought.

I start this week.

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  1. Love the satchel. Best of luck this week. I'll bet before long, you'll forget what it was like to be at home all day. I hope it all goes really well for you.

  2. How much fun to return to work with purple!! Such a joyful look for a satchel. I really like the yellow bag! I hope this transition goes really well for you and bring you many smiles. Enjoy your week!

  3. Good luck this coming week! I hope you enjoy it. Your new bag is great!

  4. Purple is my fav color, and your bag is so pretty! Love your look! Very chic!

  5. How exciting to return work! What will you be doing?
    I LOVE the purple bag. I want one too! LOL...
    Its difficult to find something that's pretty, not too big and fits the essentials and the iPad.
    You found it!

    1. At first I am just doing some voluntary teaching in two local schools until Easter, supporting the teachers . I am then going on the supply list which means I will be called upon to cover classes when teachers are off sick or away on courses. I have a fantastic local headteacher who is helping me "retrain" myself and get back into it all after being at home for so long.

  6. Yes - best of luck for starting your new job. Like you say - there has got to be some benefits and I think you're reaping here!

  7. Good Luck with returning to work honey, hope the blogging doesn't suffer, I would miss you!!! Great bag, one of my girls has a Zatchels but its a small barrel type bag she got given as a gift after doing work experience at a magazine, they really are good quality, it will last you ages.

  8. Replies
    1. I teach Primary age, but my subject is music. I shall only be doing supply for the first few years I think , unless something part time and fabulous comes up I am tempted to apply for.....!

  9. Love it Claire - great colour - I've always had a soft spot for a satchel - am after a green one! The purple and yellow are gorgeous together. Zara yellow shopper is lovely - I also love a good sunny yellow! Good luck for this week - looking forward to hearing all about it! xx