Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Liz Earle Make Up

 Wednesday Beauty Buys

I have  had these two products for a little while now - Signature Eye Colour in Conker and Natural Glow Bronzer.

I have come to the Liz Earle love affair a little late . At first I must admit to not getting the attraction, but I now find I am regularly using the Hot Cloth Face Cleanser , the Shampoo and Conditioner and loving them.

I had been on the hunt for a nicely pigmented dark brown eye shadow for ages and this seemed to fit the bill so decided to give it a go. As my bronzer had also run out this Natural Glow Bronzer got added to the basket as well.

The eye shadow is really pigmented and dark. The colour is beautiful, I mean stunning. My only criticism and this is my own failing, is I struggle a little with the application . You need to blend well and knock off any excess powder as it will drop onto your face if you aren't careful. I know this is easily dealt with, but when you are rushing in the morning a nice compacted powder that leaves no trace is always preferable. However, I would definitely add another colour to my collection for the pigmentation alone. Staying power is great too, although I did have a primer on underneath.

The bronzer is just perfect for me. Light and delicate colour, not orange at all. I have a very pale skin and I like a bronzer that just lifts that a little. This seems perfect and applies consistently and well. Worth the money and will last the distance.

So in summary - both great little products. Certainly a range worth exploring if you haven't already, but I still haven't found anything to compare to Mac products for pigmentation, ease of application and staying power......yet!

Don't forget to also look out this week for the magazines - some great products to tempt us again. Oh dear. Percy Reed with Glamour mag, Elemis with Cosmo and Neals Yard Hand Cream with Marie Claire. Check out this site to keep updated with these deals in the UK.

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  1. I haven't tried Liz Earle make-up yet Claire but have had my eye on one of her blushers for a while - may drop hints for Mother's Day or birthday! Both the bronzer and the eyeshadow look lovely - I am guilty of shadow fall-out though! They do say to do eyes first and then face so you can sweep away any traces of eyeshadow but I always forget! Hope all went well yesterday! xx

  2. Pretty colors! Following <3 Alex

  3. Like the look of the bronzer - I'm in the market for a new one at the moment. Thanks for the tip off! As a Neal's Yard consultant, I can strongly recommend the handcream freebie with MC this month. Their handcream is fabulous and with no chemicals, it really improves the condition of the skin with regular use (ordinary handcreams with mineral oil bases are actually long term drying on the skin!)...and the aromatherapy smell is simply glorious! Avril x

    1. Thanks Avril - thats good to know.My hands suffer terribly in the winter months like most mums! I got the shampoo with Glamour, but will go back for more. If you look at the cost of the product you are getting so much for your money - I've even been known to buy two of the same magazine if it's a product I use and I'm saving on it!!! I give the extra magazine to my mum!!