Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Organisation of Make Up

Ikea Godmorgan Box

You will either understand and share my excitement here completely or this post will leave you bemused and blank. 

So for those of you who love make up this is for you....and if you love to be organised too , then you will totally get this!

I posted recently about how I organised my make up in a basket . As you know we are frantically de cluttering and organising our house ready for the builders. On a trip to Ikea my hubby spotted this little beauty and rescued it and brought it home for me to love.

It is a Godmorgan make up organiser which retails at £14. It fits beautifully in the deeper drawers of my Alex drawer unit, also from Ikea.  There are sections for brushes, lipsticks, eye shadows and larger items. The section for brushes lifts up to reveal another section underneath.

I know , I know , small things again, but I love to be organised!

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  1. I have virtually no makeup but I'm going to get one of these next time I'm passing through Ikea. I love things like this. We used to have a Muji in Leeds which has shut down in the last year or so and I used to get the plastic storage from them. Could also be used for jewellery methinks. I don't organise my jewellery in nice holders or hangers. I just throw it in a drawer and have a really good rummage when I have something in mind.

    1. They have some different ones as well - I had a look online. Ikea is my idea of organisational delight!! Good idea for jewellery, especially for your gorgeous designs - may need him to pick up another now........ When are you going to start selling them anyway?

  2. That is fantastic! A great reason to take a trip over to Ikea this weekend! Thanks for sharing, Avril x

  3. Woww i love this! Ikea is brilliant :)



  4. Wow, yes am impressed and it actually looks so pretty when its organised like that. Like how the boxes are tall like that - much more practical. Yes trip to Ikea needed, I can see that!

  5. This looks fab and reminds me that I drafted a blog post god knows how long ago about make-up storage after seeing something that the Kardashians use. I'll have to go and find it as I have forgotten what it was but something similar to this I believe x

  6. Thanks so much for showing this very useful item. I can't live without this. I have to have one. Ikea, here I come ! x

  7. I'm sharing the excitement Claire - I would so love one of those organisers (only have a small organiser on top of my dressing table for everyday stuff)- would it fit in any drawer or only the Ikea ones I wonder - do not ever pop round unannounced and look inside my drawspace - it'll drive you mad! xx

  8. Wow! You have quite a lot of product, but it is all beautifully organized! I am now following you with GFC and would love if you’d visit me (and follow, if you like) at : the daily savant : I have a giveaway on now!

    : signe