Thursday, 7 March 2013

The Extension

 A Mountain to Climb

The sun is shining. 


It really does lift my spirits and mood. I am a morning person and love to get up early, as long as the sun is getting up with me!

However, despite this lovely Spring like weather,I do have this nagging feeling of a long haul ahead. 

I am an organised person.

 I will even confess to be somewhat OCD about some things.

But....the truth be told we all have clutter and mess around our houses don't we? The problem is we have very little time to clear some very messy, rubbish clutter filled areas out before the builders move in. So, partly to destroy the myth that I live in a perfectly organised world, here are some shockingly honest photos of the two garages that we have to empty before they are demolished in a few weeks time. 

Jenny , from Beauty and The Biryani these photos are for you to prove I do have secret clutter and mess!!

These first pictures are of a large, double, pre fab, mostly derelict garage that is being demolished and rebuilt as a smaller garage, utility room and cloakroom, boot room and back door. It will be adjoining the house. It has become a dumping ground in the last 6 months as we have begun to sort other areas.

These next pictures are of a lean to garage that is adjoining the house at the moment. This is being demolished, re built and widened. The back wall that joins the house will be taken down to double the length . This will become our kitchen. 

Much imagination needed here people!

I have also set myself a bit of a challenge to motivate us to tackle these horrid jobs. I am trying to save some money to "style" our new rooms when the building has finished, but know that money is going to disappear very quickly. So any items from this clear out that can be sold, will be, and the profit is going in a fund that will help finish our project off. I already have earmarked a few car boot sales in the next few months that I plan to do. My e.bay stash has been moved temporarily into the loft as it has outgrown the bedroom. I have listed my first load and made just over £100. It's a start.

The challenge is on.

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  1. Good luck with all that - sounds like it's going to look amazing. Just keep thinking of the final goal and how gorgeous it will all look when it's done! Avril x

    1. At the moment I just keep looking at it and then at the kitchen plans and think "how?!" We have managed to clear half one garage and found that a lot of the stuff wasn't ours , but a friends gardening equipment ( under the blue tarpaulin) we'd been storing for him for a few years. He is collecting this on Saturday. Hopefully that will be one garage done :) I will have a huge party when it is all done!!! Xx

  2. Those garages don't look too bad Claire, you should see ours - it's hubbys domain and I just don't venture in there!! It will all be worth it in the end :)

    1. Yes it is mainly hubbys domain - I just chuck junk in there - much to his dismay!!

  3. Thanks Claire - I feel better now! ;) Seriously though that looks like our garage - there is just so much junk in there that I look around and don't know where to start, plus I'm scared of the spiders in there so will have to leave it to hubby! At least yours will be sorted soon. I love the sound of the utility/cloakrooom/boot room - wish we had the space for a cloakroom even but our porch is small and the coats are on a stand in the hall, schoolbags on floor etc - drives me mad- ah well. The kitchen will be fab - can't wait to see how you style it! xx

    1. Hee hee - thought I'd better confess. Everyone has to have somewhere for the clutter to end up!! I know re school bags etc - we have the same ...and shoes!

  4. Keep focused on the end result! xx